Digital Generation – Earn money online doing nothing! [SCAM]
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This website has stopped paying after Payza stopped their service to Digital Generation because of a dispute. Please do not register to this website and I’m very sorry to have recommend this website to you before!


Digital Generation

Want to earn money just by letting your computer on? You can do that with Digital Generation!

How it works? Basically you install a software, by installing that software you are connected via internet to the main server. Server will send scripts for your computer to process then sends back the result to the server. All of them is working automatically in the background. All you have to do is turn your computer on, run the software, do your usual activities and forget about the software even exist. The software is very light and will only use your unused resource on your computer, it only consume about 8% of standard dual core CPU resource when its operating. You don’t have to worry about it burning your CPU because it will never happen.

With Digital generation, You can earn a minimum of $1.02 per 24h per thread and yes, it’s not much compared to electricity bill. But don’t worry, there are ways to earn more!

First, if you have a fast computer, you can buy more thread for $50 each that will last for a year. With $1.02 daily, you can earn a total $372 a year. Actually its a good investment plan but I don’t recommend it since it takes money from your wallet.

Second is referring to your friend, family or anyone. With the generous two level affiliate program you can earn 20% from the first level and 10% from second level. It’s really a good way to earn!

You can request your payment via Payza after you reach $1. It’s really low!! And payment will be processed instantly!!!

Digital Generation

Sign Up to Digital Generation

Interested? Here is step by step instruction to start earning money with Digital Generation:

  1. Sign Up
    Make sure that you didn’t use proxy because you won’t be able to confirm your phone number later.
    Click here to go to registration page and fill the form with correct information.
    Sign Up
  2. Download Software
    There are only Windows and Mac version available this time, pick one compatible with your OS.
    If you get an error while running the software, check if you have Net Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and Microsoft Visual C++ 2007 Redistributable Package installed on your system. If not, you have to download and install them on your system.
    Download Software
  3. Verify Your Account
    Go to Personal menu and input your phone number carefully then press Confirm.
    You will receive an sms containing a code. Reply and send back that code to the number where you receive it from. +447937946882 or +19494840033
    After that, your account should be verified. If it’s not, try change your phone number, you can use your families phone number if you don’t have alternative number, some operators have difficulty on sending international sms.
    Verify your phone number
  4. Get Trial Thread
    Check if you receive your trial thread, go to  Personal > Threads. You should receive one immediately after successful verifying your phone.
    If you didn’t receive one, create a ticket and ask for assistance to Manual Verification dept.
    Get trial thread
  5. Run ThreadManager
    Run your installed ThreadManager software, minimize it and do your usual activities. You might want to pin it to your taskbar for easier start next time.

That’s all. Hope this post helps! Happy earning!

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Digital Generation -

This website has stopped paying after Payza stopped their service […]

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